This module will lead you into a thought-provoking analysis of the characteristics of which good teachers possess. The student will also be able to make a clear distinguish and provide an explanation on the differences between EFL / ESL teaching. In addition, you will be exposed to the foundations and different Methodologies which have been used throughout the ages in English Language Teaching. Concluding with a final project in which you will develop a timeline detailing the different methodology and exposing your thoughts on the topic.


Week one:

What’s A Good Teacher has been designed for students to create a concern on how important it is to strive to be good teachers through the analysis of videos and readings the students will be able to distinguish and categorize characteristics among experienced professional teachers who discuss these precise characteristics and offer their insights on the topic.The Student will then, through written expression will judge and rank the characteristics they need to strive for, or enhances in their quest in becoming good teachers.

Week one also presents  ESL EFL TEACHING DIFFERENCE in which students will be exposed to videos and reading that explain distinctive features between English Teaching as a Second language and English Teaching as a Foreign Language as well as to obtain insights on the different acronyms involved in English Language Teaching. The students will then conclude with the completion of a multiple choice form which relates to the topics.

Week two: Foundations of Methodology is an extensive reading from Marianne Celce Murcia which offers a concise explanation on the following topics, the methods, and approaches that language teachers have used over the years to teach foreign or second languages, the current methodological trends and challenges, Where language teaching methodology appears to be heading. the students will also be made aware and differentiate through another extensive reading by Jeremy Hammer what approaches, methods, procedures, and techniques are. The students will then conclude by conveying their finding through a forum discussion.

Week three: Language Teaching Methods through multiple readings and a powerpoint presentation focused in detail on the approaches discussed the previous week,  Students will be able to associate, classify and organize a series of popular approaches used in English language Teaching through a drag n drop activity.

Week Four: Final Project: During this week students will have the opportunity to be creative and implement their findings through a Methodological & Approach Timeline powerpoint presentation in which students will organize, label and paraphrase characteristics of the variety of methods and approaches implemented throughout the years.


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