Teacher Training Course : Module 3 Technology in an EFL Classroom

Module three “Technology in the EFL classroom” has been designed to aid trainees be aware of the available technological tools that can be used in a classroom, analyze the pros and cons of using technology, explore, and take advantage of such tools, and evaluate the results acquired through the use of such tech-tools.


A. Week one: Introduction
This first week students will read, watch videos and elaborate ideas involving technology in the classroom to analize and determine thier own outlook and relationship with tech-tools in a learning enviorment. As a conclusion students will elaborate an essay stating thier own thoughts on such tools in the classroom.

B. Week two: analysis
During this second week students will examine and categorize the different tenological tools available, the ones they are using at present, and the ones they are inclined to use. As a conclusion trainees will conduct a survey ,amoung peers, related to technoloy in education and will submit the findings in form of a graph.

C. Week Three: Application
This week trainees will be given hints and suggestions (using readings power point presentations and videos) on how to apply technology in the classroom effectively.

D. Week Four Evaluation
In week four trainees will reflect on the technological tool they’d feel comfortable using for teaching purposes, develope a lesson plan utilizing such tool. Applly the hi tech tool, Classroom/ control group, and write a self reflection report on the benefits and drawbacks of his her experience using that tech tool.


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